See What Resurrecting A Dead 1972 Chevelle Takes

Nov 12, 2022 1 min read
See What Resurrecting A Dead 1972 Chevelle Takes

A miracle might be in order here…

Most cars which have sat unmoved out in the open in Indiana for 30 years are going to have a lot of problems. That’s especially true if fluids weren’t stabilized, which we’re pretty sure is the case with this 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle. After seeing once photo from it, the guy from Vice Grip Garage decided to buy it, then get the car running before driving it 600-plus miles home. Yes, it’s not a great plan and that’s what makes the video so entertaining.

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Even with a car that’s in pretty good condition, a long trip can trigger a failure that was a ticking time bomb. This whole Chevelle looks like it’s about 6 or more ticking time bombs, so taking it out on the open road, even after getting the engine purring seems like tempting fate. After all, with all the speed holes made through metal oxidization, there’s always that risk this car could literally come apart on the highway.

If you’re not familiar with YouTube channel Vice Grip Garage, this guy does this sort of thing all the time. He always includes a disclaimer about how nobody should follow his example or advice because he’s “an idiot.” The funny thing is that while his ideas always seem harebrained, they also work out. Maybe he doesn’t upload videos of his vehicle purchases which don’t go as well? Whatever is the case, this video of him rescuing and resurrecting the Chevelle definitely is worth the watch, especially since this is better stuff than what you see on TV these days.

We don’t blame this guy for grabbing yet another Chevelle after selling his ’70 and ’71. They’re such iconic cars with their simple, muscular lines that values seem to be on the rise. That makes rescuing one that’s been left for dead a potentially lucrative proposition, especially if you can do the restoration work for yourself.

Check out how this daring stunt goes.

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