$20K Worth Of Key Fobs Stolen To Later Steal Cars

Dec 15, 2022 1 min read
$20K Worth Of Key Fobs Stolen To Later Steal Cars

Who knows how far this crime spree could have gone.

Car thieves are starting to get a little bit too big for their britches these days. From going after multi million dollar hypercars to staging full on complex heists across the country, it seems almost too easy for a newer car theme to get into the game. As you can imagine, this snowballed and eventually created a massive issue within our culture of people feeling entitled to take others' automobiles at their will. This particular circumstance is a great example of how far people are willing to go to make an extra buck.

Check out the Hertz stolen car settlement here.

It all started with a couple of teenagers who went in search of some Infiniti key fobs. Now, eventually they found a key making business they hoped would provide them with a set of Infiniti key fobs. Likely having easily sniffed out what the kids were planning, the staff quickly told the kids to get on their way. Had the story ended there, it wouldn’t be bad at all and the teens might have given up on the idea of stealing those vehicles.

However, that’s rarely ever actually how it works out and soon those same boys formulated a plan to break into the worker’s van where they found exactly what they needed to pull off their job. Among other materials, the teens allegedly took everything they’d need to make the fobs, all of which amounted to around $20,000 in damages. Nowadays, the pair have been identified by police as suspects, hopefully putting a stop to their plans to forcefully take control of countless Infiniti vehicles.

Source: Fox13

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