Pcarmarket Offers Stunning 2019 Ford GT

Apr 4, 2022 2 min read
Pcarmarket Offers Stunning 2019 Ford GT

This Ford GT will never fail to excite you.

PCARMARKET has a diverse inventory of impressive cars, like the very rare 2019 Ford GT. Ford has made a name for itself within the American automotive industry for producing some of these most influential pieces of technology to ever grace the nation's sales floor. From the Mustang, which virtually started the pony car war, to the B24 Liberator bombers that helped the allies win WW2. You can't argue that Ford did not significantly impact American history, which is why they are so trendy today. One particular model which serves as breathing proof that America is better than everyone at everything is the Ford GT40. This badass car brought Ferrari to its knees in the late 1960s at Le Mans and now is likely the most iconic Ford car in history. The GT is in its third generation, with millions of fans hoping to get their hands on one of these wicked speed demons.

This is a 2019 Ford GT in a sleek Liquid Blue which seems to form around the curvaceous body lines like water around the shoreline. The exterior was designed to combine the best of the late '60s racer that we all know and love with the styling of a modern-day supercar. The first you might notice is this car's posterior, which boasts a powerful engine under a sheet of slanted glass like many sports cars of our time. Of course, we all know what powered the previous generations. But how does this car put its power to the ground?

You may be confused when you see the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, which seems to break the GT V8 heritage. However, this motor is putting out a massive 660 horsepower and 550 ft/lbs of torque which is insane for any supercar. This means that rocketing past speeds of +200 mph is a piece of cake for the all-American road racer. You'll never be disappointed with this great car in your garage as it allows you to virtually dominate every track day or auto show you choose to attend. That's what makes this Ford GT the perfect car for an enthusiast with a taste for high-speed antics.

When buying or selling a world class enthusiast vehicle, having access to the right audience is critical. PCARMARKET has attracted a global community of collectors, race car drivers, and enthusiasts who share a common passion. As a result, PCARMARKET has become one of the fastest growing automotive auction marketplaces in the world. In addition to buying and selling cars, parts, and memorabilia, members gain access to current market data as well as entertaining and informative original streaming content.

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