2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Find

Apr 4, 2022 2 min read
2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Find

This supercar is the perfect combination of Ferrari V12 power and electric performance.

Ferrari has been known for a century for its work and technological innovation within the automotive community. This brand was fueled mainly by a distinct need for speed and racing heritage that couldn't be beaten, which practically forced them to continue to get better with every new model. Unlike many brands, these cars were made to go fast and look good, and they did that exceptionally well. So, of course, what would a fast car be without a wicked prototype to show the bridge between old and new? That's precisely what this particular car is, and now it could be yours!

This is a 2012 Ferrari F150 which was the codename for the prototype that would be Ferrari's most iconic hybrid vehicle. The thought process behind this design was to recover the name of hybrid cars from the grave where cars like the Prius have buried it. In addition, it wanted to prove that you could go fast, have fun, and save on gas with gas and internal combustion power. Ferrari has never been one to back down from a challenge, and after years of development and testing, they finally created precisely what they were looking for, the LaFerrari.

You can tell that this car played a significant role in that model's production as it sports a massive F140FB V12 engine. This 6.3-liter monster utilizes a set of electric motors to put out a ridiculous 950 horsepower to the wheels, which was far more than any other model. Everything from the tacked together body panels to the massive roof scoop tells you exactly what this car was made to do. Another cool feature is that it also comes with the testing and prototype stickers which would have helped conceal the car's true identity and performance aesthetic. Now you could be the proud new owner of this supercar which has only ever been seen, in person, by a select few.

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