2016 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Roadster Has Only Been Driven 100-Miles

Mar 15, 2022 2 min read
2016 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Roadster Has Only Been Driven 100-Miles

With this car you’ll never be at a loss for performance and prestige in the European automotive enthusiast community.

Jaguar is possibly one of the well-known automotive manufacturers in Europe because of its incredible dedication to luxury and style with a touch of high performance. Whether you're a racer, comfort-focused daily driver, or show-goer with some cash to spare, the name Jaguar has likely crossed your mind quite a few times. That great versatility is precisely what makes this car so unique, as it sports plenty of horsepower and handling prowess while still managing to squeeze in a ton of comfort and style. Of course, if your interest is piqued, you might be the perfect new owner for this great car, but it is likely to gather a ton of attention from buyers across the world. So what makes this car worth competing with that many interested buyers?

First of all, we'll talk about the performance as everything from the decals to the name reflect a racing heritage. Under the hood is a pretty big 5.0-liter V8 engine which should be good for 575 horsepower and 502 ft/lbs, which is a ridiculous number for such a lightweight and low-slung sports car. This car was built for grand touring and road racing as it boasts plenty of comfort options, including a convertible top which makes the vehicle incredibly fun to drive and look pretty damn good. It is impossible to be disappointed by the sheer brutality of this incredible European roadster, and that's just one of the things that makes it so desirable in the European sports car enthusiast community.

This 2016 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 is one of just 250 cars built like it, making this one of the rarest cars on the European Roadster market. Along with the rarity of this great sports car is the extremely low mileage, which reads just 100 on the odometer. That means that not only will you have one of the rarest cars in the world, you'll also be able to drive it for decades to come without any significant issues. So if you're finally convinced, now is the perfect time to pick yourself up a substantial item in the European sports car community.

This car is for sale by GR Auto Gallery. To see their great selection of vehicles visit https://www.grautogallery.com/

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