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How Knight Rider's KITT Became A Mustang

The highly controversial return of Knight Rider in 2008 saw KITT shift from a classic Pontiac Trans Am to a Shelby Mustang. The black Pontiac Trans Am of Knight Rider fame will forever be one of the world’s most famous on-screen cars. This automotive star captured the imagination of millions wi...
By Tyler Heatley Apr 24, 2019

Let Nothing Stand In Your Way In This 1975 Chevrolet Blazer K5

This truck was crawling over rocks long before everyone thought parking on a snow drift in the mall parking lot was cool. Few classic SUVs can strike fear in the hearts of lesser vehicles while also looking as polished as this 1975 Chevrolet Blazer K5. A nice Classic White with black accents ex...
By Steven Symes Apr 24, 2019

New Ferrari Premium Program Certifies Strong Maintenance

New marque certification program to honor well maintained vehicles Buying a Ferrari is the dream of many people, but there are many realities to face if you are lucky enough to obtain a Prancing Horse of your own. These specialized vehicles need the love and attention they deserve, but sometimes...
By Tyler Heatley Apr 24, 2019

This Rare Trans Am Is The Muscle Car's Greatest Hits Album

With just 4000 miles on the odometer, this has to be one of the 'newest' 10th-Anniversary Edition Trans Ams available Although Pontiac's Trans Am may not be the rarest of American tarmac warriors, they certainly stand for something inspiring. In an era where all muscle cars were effectively exco...
By Max Holder Apr 24, 2019

Petersen Museum Vault Hides Some Of The World’s Rarest Cars

Supercarblondie takes a tour and discovers Steve McQueen's Jaguar XKSS deep in the coveted vault. Hidden away in California lies a vault with some 200 cars. Of these cars are some truly hidden gems, that if subject to an auction, could in fact have the potential to break some records, and Superc...
By Max Holder Apr 24, 2019

Surely This Is The Rarest And Most Collectible E36 M3?

This M3 GT is one of just 346 examples ever made, and offers some subtle changes over the original to give the most visceral experience possible. The E36 M3 has always suffered from the ailments of being the middle child. Despite its abilities the E30 shot to stardom in the collector world, with...
By Max Holder Apr 24, 2019

First Italian Grand Prix Winner To Star At Concours Of Elegance

This highly original Ballot 3/8 LC won the first Italian Grand Prix in 1921 at the hands of Jules Goux There are very few nations on Earth more passionate about motorsport than Italy. These people have high-octane fuel running through their veins from birth, it is the country that gave us Ferrar...
By Tyler Heatley Apr 24, 2019

Check Out Coldplay Star Guy Berryman's Garage

The founder of The Road Rat magazine owns star cars such as a Bugatti Veyron and rare Alpine A220 So, you’re in a world famous band and are a huge petrolhead, what would you do? Building an eclectic mix of iconic classic cars and modern-day performance models is a given, but Coldplay's Guy Berry...
By Tyler Heatley Apr 24, 2019

Ultimate Road Going Richard Petty Dodge Challenger Up For Sale!

Car number 13 from Petty Garage's limited run of tuned 2010 Dodge Challengers could be yours for only $45K. Bargain! This is no ordinary 2010 Dodge Challenger. Boasting a mere 12K on the odometer and radiating with rude health, the car offered here is rarer than an honest politician. Less than...
By Calum Brown Apr 23, 2019

The World’s First User Friendly Supercar Was A Honda

This 1991 NSX has been acquired from the original owner and includes the window sticker and original alloy wheels In the eighties sports cars had somehow lost their edge. Apart from the likes of Ferrari which were astronomically expensive, the selection of sports cars on offer around the world w...
By Max Holder Apr 23, 2019

Roll In Style With This 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Street Rod

This is a great example of the niche! It’s not everyday you see a car with such classic lines as this 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 2dr Street Rod. Painted red, the all-steel body has the right curves to get attention at any show or just cruising down Main Street. Even more exciting, this ride ha...
By Steven Symes Apr 23, 2019

Keep It Real With This 1967 Chevrolet Nova SS

All this Nova needs is a new owner! While it’s great to see a tastefully modified classic car, it’s pretty rare to find something like this 1967 Chevrolet Nova SS in its original condition. This thing is like a blast from the past, instantly transforming you to the early days of the muscle car w...
By Steven Symes Apr 23, 2019

This Restored Lincoln Continental Cabriolet Is Perfect For Summer

Heading to the GAA auction in July, this classic was previously the star of a museum. Sun in the sky, open highway, and the wind in your hair. Yes, it’s almost convertible season! And what better way to enjoy an alfresco road trip than in an American classic? The first generation Lincoln Contine...
By Tyler Heatley Apr 23, 2019
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1984 ‘Grand Camino’ Combines Chevy And Buick Flare

If you ever wanted a coupe utility Grand National, your dreams have come true! One of the most memorable models from Buick's 1980s stable was the fierce Grand National. Available in various different powertrain flavors, including the famous and feared GNX, Buick's Grand National boasted the man...
By Elizabeth Puckett Apr 23, 2019

Drive Smooth And Stylish In This 1949 Chrysler Town And Country

It's all style and luxury with this classic Chrysler. A surefire way to put smiles on the faces of onlookers while driving in true style is this 1949 Chrysler Town and Country from Vintage Planet. This car has beautiful wood paneling on the doors, rear quarter panels, and trunk. The design and ...
By Steven Symes Apr 22, 2019

Old School And Modern F-Bodies: Who Wore It Best?

It's old school Pontiac vs this aftermarket creation! There’s no denying the unique and compelling looks of an F-Body, which is why these GM cars have become so popular and iconic throughout the years. The big question is whether you like your American muscle old school or with some modern flair...
By Steven Symes Apr 22, 2019

This 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban SEMA Build Broke The Internet

A seriously divisive truck that's split fan opinion, the unique Chevy Tahoe Suburban SEMA build is now up for sale Meet the truck that broke the internet. Originally a small team-based project, fabricated to raise a few eyebrows, this 2015 Chevrolet Suburban instead shot to fame as the forum’s ...
By Calum Brown Apr 22, 2019

Why BMW's 2002 Turbo Should Be Considered The M-Division Daddy

An unbelievably rare 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo has surfaced on the market in iconic Chamonix White. In some aspects,  BMW's 2002 Turbo lays claim as the first 'M' division car. Although not officially part of the M-lineage stable – devoid of the iconic M badge that we all know and respect – the sporty...
By Max Holder Apr 22, 2019

This Near Delivery Mileage GT Is Perfect For Your Collection

With prices now nearly treble the original MSRP, this 2005 Ford GT sports just 500 miles from new. Back in 1966 Ford proved to the world that America could make race cars to beat the best. With their iconic win at Le Mans in 1966 after several pain staking years of failure, Ford managed the impo...
By Max Holder Apr 22, 2019

This 1961 Willys Pickup Will Let You Cruise In Style

Check out this vintage Willys Pickup! As they say, the devil is in the details, and it’s not every day you see such attention paid to every last area of a restoration like with this 1961 Willys Pickup. Already the Pickup has a unique look that shares some styling with the Jeep, plus some origina...
By Elizabeth Puckett Apr 19, 2019

Fear No Trails With These Off-Roaders

Check these off-road vehicles out! Dan Kruse Classics brings us not one but two legendary off-roaders to take on your next outdoor adventure. Both are also in such fantastic shape they could be displayed in a museum, private collection, or be competitive in pretty much any show.  The first is an...
By Steven Symes Apr 19, 2019
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