Z06 Deliveries Stalled Amid Carbon Fiber Hiccup

Oct 11, 2023 2 min read
Z06 Deliveries Stalled Amid Carbon Fiber Hiccup

Buyers are going to have to wait a while.

In the throbbing heart of America's automotive world, a peculiar sight unfolds: hundreds of Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vehicles, glinting in the sun, await their rendezvous with eager owners. But alas, this army of gleaming cars is marooned in storage lots due to a peculiar snag.

Those ensconced in the Corvette culture know well the weight of the "Code 3800" status—it's the equivalent of a student reaching graduation, yet having to hold off on the cap toss. The car is fully constructed, but not quite ready to leave its alma mater. What lies between them and their destiny? A mere piece of decor—the carbon fiber trim.

See an update on the Fukushima cars here.

CorvetteBlogger pinpoints the delay to the scarcity of these trim components. Whispers and speculations dance across the MidEngineCorvette forum, with owners exchanging tales of canceled delivery dates and longing for the dreamy "4B00" code. One despondent customer lamented, "My Z06 had a museum delivery scheduled for mid-September. It was abruptly canceled, with no new date in sight."

The plot thickens as General Motors plays its cards close to the chest. Despite persistent probing during the late August production standstill, GM's lips remain sealed regarding the root cause of these supply shortfalls. Are they adding to the mystique, or is there more than meets the eye?

However, CorvetteBlogger's drones unveiled an emblematic tableau—a veritable sea of almost-ready Corvettes huddled outside GM's Bowling Green, Kentucky, facility. This spectacle, though over a month old, remains a haunting reflection of the present imbroglio.

And if the waiting wasn't nerve-wracking enough, looming clouds of labor unrest threaten to rain on this parade. The United Auto Workers strike, currently ensnaring automotive titans like Ford, GM, and Stellantis, adds layers of uncertainty to an already murky situation. The fate of Bowling Green's operations now dangles on a thread, with all eyes on the union and manufacturers to bridge their divide.

As the plot unfurls and tensions simmer, Corvette aficionados can but clutch their Code 3800 certificates and hope that the coveted Z06 will soon roar into their driveways. The world watches, ever-curious about the next chapter in this Corvette conundrum.

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