Fukushima Cars Are Still Rotting

Oct 27, 2023 2 min read
Fukushima Cars Are Still Rotting

Which vehicle would you get out of there if you could?

The tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan is certainly shocking, including for us gearheads. After all, if you’re a fan of JDM performance you’re shocked to see the images of highly desirable cars like Nissan Skylines left to just molder in the abandoned city. Even though the disaster happened years ago, video footage shows the vehicles have been left undisturbed and seem to be deteriorating where they sit.

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Recently, YouTube channel Exploring with Fighters took a trip to Japan to check up on the cars of Fukushima. This has been done by many others over the years, but to see corrosion eating through some of these legendary rides as well as the vegetation surrounding and even overgrowing them is somewhat surprising.

We know if you let a car just sit it won’t fare well over time. Real barn finds, not the staged ones, are excellent examples of this. Even worse are the field find cars that have sat out in the elements for years or even decades. Those often become rust buckets barely worth saving, at best. That’s more like the situation in Fukushima.

These guys find quite a few interesting cars just scattered about. Among them is an Evo VII just sitting in tall grass which will probably swallow it up before too long. A pristine red Honda S2000 stuck out like a sore thumb in a lineup of cars left in a field. There was even a US military fire truck in one of the car graveyards.

There are some European luxury vehicles in the mix, too. We guess if you’re a fan of just American cars and trucks the video footage won’t be as hard for you to stomach. But to see the level of deterioration should still leave you amazed, even if you’re not a fan of the specific vehicles left to sit.

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