YouTuber Burns His Ferrari

Jan 30, 2024 1 min read
YouTuber Burns His Ferrari

He’s very brave to have made it through this okay…

By now if you haven’t heard of WhistlinDiesel, the famous car YouTuber who does all kinds of cool stunts and awesome builds, you’re one of the few. He’s a legend among true gearheads who embodies the future of the hobby for so many of the youth. And like many others on the video sharing platform, sometimes that means destroying a car worth more than you paid for your house.

Learn how a YouTuber’s C8 Corvette wheels were damaged by a dealer here.

One of his latest stunts involved burning his Ferrari F8 Tributo as well as a Chrysler Pacifica minivan that was a rental. The twist with this blazing hot move was Whistlin didn’t even try to wreck them both, it just happened as he was driving the low-slung sports car with a red-hot exhaust through a dry field. Who could even expect such a thing might happen? Honestly!

Thankfully, the brave YouTuber was able to escape the blaze without harm, although the Ferrari and minivan didn’t fare so well. Since the team wasn’t planning on setting anything ablaze, they didn’t have water or fire extinguishers with them. Instead, they used what they had, Gatorade and Red Bull, apparently hoping the fire had all the electrolytes and caffeine necessary to stop burning things.

Whistlin has been testing out the durability of his F8. Some claim it and other mid-engine Ferraris are prone to breakage and even fires, but this one doesn’t really count as the car’s fault. After all, we know it’s the dry field that did everything and why that field was so dry in the first place.

Thankfully the YouTuber was able to monetize this tragedy, racking up millions of views and maybe making enough to buy another Ferrari F8. And that right there is the sign of a smart businessman.

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