Wisconsin Collector Parts with Over 80 Vintage GM Cars

May 7, 2024 1 min read
Wisconsin Collector Parts with Over 80 Vintage GM Cars

Including Firebirds and Camaros.

For 40 years, Todd, a Wisconsin-based classic car collector, has been quietly curating a unique and expansive collection of General Motors vehicles. Now, Todd is set to sell more than 80 cars from this collection to make space for a new barn, creating a unique opportunity for classic car aficionados and restoration experts alike.

See a Mustang get pulled out of the waters at Cape Fear here.

The collection features a variety of models from General Motors and other manufacturers. Notable cars include a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, a 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS, a 1976 Buick Century pace car, and a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am. While GM classics predominantly fill the garage, the inclusion of lesser-known but equally significant vehicles like the Buick and Pontiac models adds depth to the already impressive collection.

Ryan Brutt, who runs the Auto Archeology YouTube channel, has organized the collection and provided a detailed map to help potential buyers navigate the extensive lineup. Last year, Brutt featured Todd and his collection in a series of videos that explored the assembly of muscle cars and other vehicles, many of which were in various stages of decay or damage.

While some of the cars in Todd's collection are primed and ready for restoration, others have been affected by time and accidents, making them more suitable for parts. The upcoming sale poses a complex scenario for classic car preservationists, raising questions about which vehicles will be restored to their former glory and which will serve as donor cars for other restoration projects.

The sale of Todd's collection signals a significant moment in the world of classic car collecting and restoration. With more than 80 vehicles going on the market, new owners will have the opportunity to restore these vintage automobiles, preserving an important aspect of American automotive history. Todd's decision to sell is not just a personal one, but one that will likely impact the classic car community for years to come.

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