No one is safe!

While GM initially created the Chevrolet Camaro to compete with the Ford Mustang, it didn't take long for the prancing pony car of the GM lineup to become an entirely different monster of its own. There was a Camaro for everybody back then, no matter if you were a high school kid buying his first car or a speed demon or race car driver hell-bent on hard-hitting acceleration and excellent handling.

Overall the Camaro was touted as one of America's most versatile sports cars. The Z/28 and SS, in particular, were extraordinarily popular for their engine options and sportier style. Nowadays, these old legends have mainly become obsolete in their stock form. However, a special few within the automotive community take it upon themselves to revitalize these ancient beasts to compete with the best of today's high-performance pony and muscle cars. This car is a perfect example of that passionate journey from obsolescence to powerful and fast-paced competition.

Under the hood of this monster is a 6.0-liter Chevy LS3 V8, which, accompanied by a centrifugal supercharger, produces power in abundance. All of that incredible power barrels straight through a 4L80E automatic transmission, proven to be one of the best transmissions in the GM engineering catalog. The exhaust is entirely custom-built to come out of the sides, which gives the car an authentic "old-school" drag car look; it also sounds excellent. Wilwood brakes accompany all four corners as you need a lot of stopping power for a car like this.

The exterior color is a beautiful custom green described by Sean from AutotopiaLA as "Avocado." He also said he would like to "dip a chip in it," whatever that means, which, as confusing of a statement as it is, pretty perfectly sums up the general vibe of this car. It drives just about as fast as you'd expect with hard redline acceleration and good low-end power as well as high to give it an all-around fantastic driving experience.

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