1968 Plymouth Fury Saved From Farm

Sep 19, 2022 1 min read
1968 Plymouth Fury Saved From Farm

This vintage Mopar is a great example of American automotive excellence.

There were three brands in American automotive history that we all know and love in the early years of automotive creation. GM, Ford, and Mopar, known as the big three, were virtual vehicular monopolies making them giants in the minds of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Without a doubt, one such brand began to reign supreme above the others, a fact which many tend to get fired up about. Of course, that manufacturer was Mopar, yeah I can feel your blood boiling from here all of you Chevy and Ford fans. Regardless of which company is better, this particular vehicle shows off the best of Mopar classic design and exactly why so many cherish the brand dearly.

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The vehicle in question is a 1968 Plymouth Fury which you might recognize for its pretty potent small following of enthusiasts who saw the car’s potential in the late 1960s. Under the hood you could find pretty much whatever powertrain you like with these days being particularly great times for engine swapping. It's clear that this Fury is in extremely good condition, especially when you consider its been sitting in a barn for multiple years. Nowadays, the car is getting ready to hit the road once again with a new set of wheels and tires with some possible restoration ahead of it in the future.

Discovered by yet another car YouTube who makes a living by scavenging old forgotten car lots for classics, this Plymouth fury is the epitome of a barn find. Thanks to Great American Northern Garage, this legendary example from 1968 will finally have its chance to get back on the road and drive with the best of them. When they originally found it, all four tires were flat so they quickly fix that issue then got it onto a trailer. Now the car looks significantly better but still has a lot of work to do and we hope to see it in even better condition at a classic car show in the near future.

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