Westen Champlin Races His Cummins Mustang

Oct 13, 2021 2 min read
Westen Champlin Races His Cummins Mustang

Rolling coal on the track never looked so good…

If you’ve never seen the “Smoke-Stang” as YouTuber Westen Champlin calls it, then you’re in for a real treat. It’s an S550 Mustang with a Cummins turbodiesel engine installed, complete with a smokestack climbing right out of the engine compartment. We love insane builds and this is one insane build.

See more of the Smoke-Stang here.

As one might imagine, installing a turbo diesel engine into a muscle car results in a lot of torque, which can be a good and bad thing for launching off the line. It also draws a ton of attention, which we’re pretty sure Champlin absolutely eats up. The guy has released some Smoke-Stang T-shirts and other merchandise, he’s so proud of his Frankenstein build.

Anyway, the Cummins Mustang gets to really stretch its legs at Cleetus and Cars in Houston, Texas recently. Champlin had the pleasure of piloting his creation in a drag race against Cleetus McFarland in his modified Ford Galaxie diesel. Pretty much, this is a race which would make environmentalists curl up in a ball and suck their thumb.

We have to admit, while the Ford Mustang blows some impressive smoke, it doesn’t kick out the huge plumes which pour out of the Galaxie. Cleetus is obviously a pro at rolling coal while Champlin is still cutting his teeth.

Just keep in mind rolling coal doesn’t win a race, but it sure looks cool. Also, keeping your bumpers affixed completely to your car is ideal.

Plenty of other crazy builds were preset at Cleetus and Cars, like a classic Dodge 4x4 muscle car, which really is no surprise. You can behold some of them in the Westen Champlin video we’ve embedded.

In the video which we’ve included is some other nonsense about Westen getting his bulldozer started, but you can skip that to enjoy all the coal rolling fun which begins at about 3:45.

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