Watch This Porsche 911 By Singer Review

Mar 2, 2020 3 min read
Watch This Porsche 911 By Singer Review

It’s done by a Brit driving the German car in California, so there’s quite the twist in there.

We’ve all heard just how good the Porsche 911s touched by Singer really are, but that might just seem like a lot of hype to many. After all, you likely have dreamed of driving a car, only to finally get behind the wheel and be monumentally disappointed the reality fell well short of your lofty fantasies. For those of us who’ve been through such situations repeatedly, you start to build up a certain amount of cynicism.

When it comes to the Singer 911s, it’s not like most of us get the chance to take one for a test drive. After all, they’re far more valuable and less common than most Porsches, so the likely anyone will hand you the keys and say “have a good time” is incredibly low. Even if they did, if you’re financially responsible, you’d be pretty nervous flogging the car on public roads. So it’s understandable why anyone would be skeptical of just how good the Singers are.

According to Henry Catchpole, who’s doing this review, Singer 911s really do live up to their larger-than-life reputation. If you’re not familiar with Catchpole, I find him overall to be a good, competent reviewer. We all have our individual preferences, of course, but he’s not some hack pretending to know cars.

For many, improving on the Porsche 964 is blasphemy, so convincing those people of Singer’s good work might be the most difficult. After all, it’s of the hallowed air-cooled 911s and therefore is unquestionably perfect, or something like that. Porsche fans are an interesting bunch, which definitely isn’t all bad.

One of the most notable things Catchpole zeroes in on is the approachable, manageable nature of the car. You wouldn’t expect that a lightweighted, rear-wheel-drive Porsche with a 4.0-liter flat-six in the back could present some big driving challenges, yet he claims it’s anything but a beast to manage. In some ways that’s disappointing but in some ways that’s great, because sometimes you don’t want to wrangle your car, even if it’s your hobby ride. Check out the review for yourself for more details.

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