Watch Drone Video Of The Classic Auto Mall

Mar 24, 2020 2 min read
Watch Drone Video Of The Classic Auto Mall

This place is absolutely humongous.

With people not wanting to go out as much, thank to the coronavirus outbreak, we have yet another video of a cool car place to enjoy. This one is amazing drone footage of the Classic Auto Mall. This isn’t a long video since the drone is moving at a really good clip. Walking around the facilities would take a while to view everything, considering this defunct mall measures 336,000 square feet. Everywhere you look are glorious classic cars, making it like a slice of heaven.

What’s more, this video has been shot in high definition. That means you can spot all kinds of details on the rows and rows of Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges, Cadillacs, Plymouths, BMWs, Mercedes-Benzs, Land Rovers, and just about everything else you could imagine.

In case you aren’t counting while watching the video, there are over 1,400 cars in the mall. About 400 of those are barn finds on display, something you’re probably not going to see anywhere else in your lifetime.

You might be wondering how so many classic cars ended up in one spot. The Classic Auto Mall has a consignment program where the vehicles are displayed and advertised for sale. That of course attracts people looking to free up space in their garage, plus it literally helps keep the lights on in this massive building.

Some of the openings the drone flies through seem pretty tight. We have no idea how big the drone is or even what it looks like, but the pilot obviously is confident in his skills. One slip and serious damage could have been done to one or more cars.

Once it’s safe to travel about again, if you want to visit the Classic Auto Mall it’s located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. That’s about one hour west of Philadelphia. With such a cool video of the place, there surely will be more visitors than before.

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