Watch A Race-Prepped Lancia Delta Evo II Go Flat-Out

Mar 9, 2020 1 min read
Watch A Race-Prepped Lancia Delta Evo II Go Flat-Out

This thing sounds mean as hell.

Everyone knows Italians build some of the most impressive exotic cars in the world, like Ferraris. That might be why your average person scoffs at seeing a Lancia Delta. After all, it looks more akin to a Honda Civic Hatchback than a proper performance vehicles, but it’s what sits under the skin that matters the most. And in the video below you get to see a race-prepped Lancia Delta Evo II go flat-out on a track, which should be enough to convince anyone these cars are impressive.

This Lancia, run by Sartori Racing out of Cornuda, Italy, is most obviously far from factory-spec. One of the first indications is the tall rear wing and other aero effects. Plexiglass windows and a roll cage inside are also a clear indication this is a track car, not some street machine. We’d love to say the stickers are another such signal, but there are too many kids who seem to think their ride gains 5-horsepower for each one they slap on.

Once this Lancia really winds up we can better tell what it’s all about. The exhaust is loud and obviously unrestricted, plus we see some flashes of flames shooting out the tailpipe, indicating a nice rich mixture being run. But the most impressive sound is that amazing blow-off valve, which would make a most excellent ringtone.

Not only does this Lancia charge down the straightaways with a ferocity, it handles the tight turns created using barriers with killer precision. There’s a reason why these cars are beloved by not only rally enthusiasts but also by autocross junkies.

Values for Lancia Delta Evo IIs have been climbing fairly steadily in the recent past. It seems the legend of these boxy race-inspired hatchbacks has finally spread far enough to make that happen. That doesn’t mean you can’t find one for a reasonable price, but if you do it might be wise to consider grabbing it since the value will likely continue to rise.

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