Guys Attempts To Wash A Moving Camaro

Apr 22, 2024 2 min read
Guys Attempts To Wash A Moving Camaro

Well this is an interesting stunt…

Washing your car is a necessary, albeit normally boring, task. Well, some crazy Russians decided to make it more interesting by washing their Chevy Camaro while it’s driving around on a race track. Of course that’s not practical, but they did this for content, so don’t ask too many questions. Instead, enjoy the entertainment factor and try not to think too much.

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It seems Russians have a thing for the Camaro. We think it might have something to do with the live action Transformers movies. That might be true, because this Camaro is a Transformers Edition and they refer to is as “The Transformer.” If any of you live in Russia, used to, or know someone who does, let us know what the deal is here.

The chase/wash vehicle is some sort of boring van. They put duct tape on the sliding door to keep it open, that way one guy can lean out of the van and wash the Camaro down. Also, they put a washer and a generator inside the van. Yes, this is completely nuts and unnecessary, but what else do you expect from Russians?

The track in question isn’t some simple oval. Sure, it’s not Suzuka Circuit, but this requires the driver of the Camaro as well as the van to negotiate the different turns with some caution. Contact between the two could be serious, especially with a guy hanging out of the van.

These guys aren’t exactly going slow on the track. They take the Camaro up to 60 kmh (that’s about 37 mph). While that’s not super fast, it’s also not sitting still, which is how you usually wash a car. Can they accurate shoot the soap all over it? How are they going to scrub all that dirt off the American muscle car? There are so many questions but all will be answered by watching the video.

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