Vintage Texaco Collection Is Loaded With Nostalgia

Oct 8, 2021 1 min read
Vintage Texaco Collection Is Loaded With Nostalgia

This will take you back...

Kids today won’t understand the significance of brands like Texaco when it came to the automative scene. Stations like Texaco basically made long travel in a car possible to begin with. They have a very tight connection with car people, at least as they’re remembered for their ‘good ole days’ when they were plugged in with the average car guy, before Texaco became just another sign you checked for the best fuel prices. A New Castle auto shop hasn’t forgotten what the brand once was, and they honor the connection with a massive collection of memorabilia.

Jim Shrull’s garage 1957 Dodge pickup truck and a 1953 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery Truck hanging out, and he’s also a man who likes to work on hot rods. What’s really interesting about the shop is the Texaco memorabilia he has cultivated.

The collection used to be a lot bigger, but he sold a bulk of it to raise between $50k to $60k for a necessary home repairs, “I have signs from many, many companies,” Shrull said. “When I bought my house, I sold most of my collection to pay for the renovation on that house.”

What remains is a fitting tribute to the Texaco brand with signs, gas pumps, cans, and more.

“You can never replace it,” Shrull said. “Some of the cars I’ve sold you can’t replace; that garage full of signs I’ve got, irreplaceable. It would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to find them.”


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