UK Police Hunting For Classic Car

Oct 25, 2021 1 min read
UK Police Hunting For Classic Car

No, it’s not part of their retirement investment portfolio diversification strategy…

Leicestershire Police are on the hunt for a specific 1960 Rover P5 they say is linked to an ongoing insurance fraud investigation. Detectives are asking for help from the local classic car enthusiast community. While the supplied photos portray it as gray, it was originally beige. It’s possible the car has been restored and resprayed, so it might be a different color by now.

We covered this story earlier, but details have changed. Check out the original report here.

What put detectives on the trail of his 1960 Rover P5 was information gathered while serving a “misuse of drugs” warrant in Coalville in September of 2020. It was part of an operation which involved executing warrants at 6 different properties in the area.

Three men, two who are 44 and one who is 34, were arrested as part of the investigation into the alleged insurance fraud. Two women have also been arrested, one who is 35 and one who is 20. It sounds like the investigation could lead to more arrests and hopefully means the Rover

Originally, police were looking for 3 classic cars they believe were tied to insurance fraud, which we covered here. One of those, a Ford MK1 Granada series 1 XL, was located in London recently. That leaves a blue 1976 Ford Granada Ghia at large along with the Rover P5.

Unfortunately, criminal activity around the globe seems to be on the rise, which includes insurance fraud. Organized groups have capitalized on the situation in an effort to get rich quick. The thing is insurance fraud isn’t a victimless crime. Insurance providers inevitably have to pass the losses they take from fraud to consumers, meaning everyone literally pays the price with higher premiums and other drawbacks. Hopefully that fact alone will spur someone to do the right thing and point police toward the location of this Rover P5.

Source: Leicestershire Live

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