Ram TRX Dominates The Nurburgring

Oct 25, 2021 2 min read
Ram TRX Dominates The Nurburgring

This is the true liberation on German soil…

While the Ram TRX is many things, it’s not exactly a sports car. That didn’t keep a British YouTuber from taking one for a spin around the Nurburgring Nordschleife, the infamous track in Germany everyone seems to think is the only true test of a performance vehicle. It’s an interesting thing to do, considering the Green Hell is often dominated by European performance cars, not full-size American pickup trucks.

Criminals also use Ram TRXs for police chases, like this one here.

“This thing is huge,” says the Brit as he first pulls away in the TRX. For those of us who have driven much larger trucks, be it for work or otherwise, a full-size pickup truck just doesn’t feel all that big or unmanageable. The fact this guy is already freaked out by the pickup’s size as he’s in a parking lot with tons of space tells us he’s probably going to do more than just hit the rumble strips.

What’s more, as this guy is in line to enter the Nurburgring, he’s talking nervously about what he feels are the insufficient brakes for such a large vehicle. The guy is comparing them to the brakes on an Audi SQ7, which of course are huge and feature multiple times more pistons. Is this foreshadowing to how disastrous this run will be?

To be clear, the TRX is really made for going fast on dirt roads and well-groomed trails. The factory tires are 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory all-terrains, so they’re not exactly designed to hold to a wet blacktop. The wrong tire selection for conditions can absolutely make or break a run, so it’s too bad they couldn’t have swapped these for a more street-friendly selection beforehand.

To the Brits, the new Ram TRX is apparently a “monster truck” because it’s so big. Well, they would be shocked to see just how big trucks can get, because nobody in North America would call it such a thing. Sure, it’s a “monster” when it comes to performance, but “monster trucks” generally have 66-inch tires. Maybe we should ship a few of those over the pond and see how many people literally die of shock.

What really gets us is this guy talks about owning a Silverado. Is it an old single-cab model riding on 15-inch wheels? None of this makes any sense. Or maybe he’s just being a drama queen for the camera as he exclaims how big the TRX is. Whichever it is, the video is still interesting to watch, even if you just skip to where he’s on the track (warning: language).

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