Two Street Trucks Battle It Out At The Burnout Pit

Feb 28, 2023 2 min read
Two Street Trucks Battle It Out At The Burnout Pit

Would you take the 454 or LS-powered C10?

Street truck builds are starting to get pretty wild in recent times because of the increasing supply of aftermarket support. One of the most prevalent examples of this is the Chevrolet S10 model due to just how affordable they can be for the average enthusiast. Under the hood, there were many cool engine options throughout the years but the best has got to be the 454. Many have tried to make these motors work for racing but this guy blows all others out of the water.

Pushing it to its limits, there is a competitor on the horizon who hopes to take the 454 S10 at the shop for a spin. That is an LS powered Chevrolet Stepside pick up truck from the 1960s. You might be thinking that a simple LS swap is not enough to really make a full build, but that certainly isn’t the only thing that makes it great. First of all, the team that built it really seems to be very passionate about the work that they do which is exactly why they put so much detail into refining every aspect of the supercharged V8. On top of that, it comes with quite a few awesome suspension modifications and an air ride system that lets the car air-out completely and sit down on the frame.

So, how does the 454 SS compare in the burn out section of this competition? First of all, the suspension looks to be set up to be more functional rather than only focused on sitting on the frame. Indeed, it’s quite low to the ground but you still get that forgiving amount of ground clearance that really frees up a lot of confidence in most people's head when doing anything particularly dangerous behind the wheel. On top of that, that suspension seems to be quite stiff which means that breaking traction is pretty easy to say the least. Altogether, as the 454 screams through the exhaust and provides the truck with more than enough torque and horsepower to get those back wheel spinning you have to really a mile all that went into both of these vehicles to make them as badass as they are today. This one’s gonna have to be a tie because both of these trucks really perform faster than anyone ever thought possible for them.

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