Both Women's C7 Z06 Corvettes Stolen In 90-Days

Jun 2, 2021 2 min read
Both Women's C7 Z06 Corvettes Stolen In 90-Days

With the rising prices of cars, it's not really all that surprising that thefts are skyrocketing as well. It is unfortunate but whenever there is something of value there is always going to be someone that wants to steal it.

In 2020, the number of car thefts jumped a shocking 9-percent over the previous year and, when all was said and done, an astonishing 2,400 vehicles were stolen each day of the year. Even with these mind-blowing statistics, when compared with the number of cars registered for road use, having a car stolen is still a fairly rare occurrence. In fact, most people will never know the feeling of having their automotive property stolen and the ones that do will likely never have to go through the unfortunate experience ever again. One Dallas woman was not so lucky to be in the crowd of most. Not only was her prized Torch Red C7 Z06 Corvette stolen, the replacement was stolen as well, and all within a 90-day period.

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In February of 2021 Melissa Anderson had her Torch Red C7 Corvette Z06 stolen from her apartment’s parking garage. Thinking that her stroke of bad luck was a fluke and feeling that her apartment’s locked parking garage and a locked car cover would deter the thieves from being able to pull off the same heist again, Anderson replaced the car with a similar C7. Unfortunately, that was not the case and she was once again the victim of a car theft. Her replacement C7 Z06 was stolen from her apartment building's locked parking garage.  

“This has been the most expensive mistake I’ve ever made in my life, having over $180k in cars stolen in less than 90 days,” Anderson said.

While it is at this point unclear who stole Anderson’s cars, what is clear is that her apartment's parking garage is a hotbed for auto thefts. Dallas police have confirmed that they are currently investigating the thefts and that these are not the only car thefts to occur in the area in recent months. A total of 10 cars have been stolen from the same parking garage which signals an organization to the crimes.

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