Twin-Turbo Demon Is Wicked Good

Apr 7, 2023 2 min read
Twin-Turbo Demon Is Wicked Good

We need more builds like this…

Right now everyone is losing their minds over the reveal of the Dodge Challenger Demon 170, which is understandable considering its performance chops. That said, we still really love when people dig into their cars and build them up to be something better than how they come from the factory, which is exactly what this twin-turbo Dodge Demon is all about.

Check out a bagged widebody Demon here.

Sure, some enthusiasts have the attitude that anything other than stock is some form of “cheating” or whatever – we’re not quite clear on how the logic works there. If you want to keep your car exactly how it came from the manufacturer that’s great and that’s your business. Just know that other people can choose to force feed their Demon all kinds of oxygen for a ridiculous power boost and that’s also okay.

As the video promises, you get to see this thing rolling on the dyno, which is so much better than some guy saying he “thinks” it makes 900-horsepower or some other figure that’s probably made up or completely bogus.

While everyone is free to do or not do whatever with their vehicle, we wish we would see more Demon builds. Far too many were put in preservation bubbles upon delivery and are essentially bottles of expensive wine that are never opened, only preserved for future sale. Cars were made to be driven and something like the Demon has all kinds of untapped potential someone who’s properly motivated can unlock, as you’re about to see.

There are some interesting things about this build, like where they placed the turbos, but it’s not like there are a ton of twin-turbo Demons out there so these guys have had to get creative. Ultimately, you can’t argue with results.

Images via YouTube

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