Turbo Pontiac GTO Flexes Its Modern American Muscle

Jul 23, 2023 1 min read
Turbo Pontiac GTO Flexes Its Modern American Muscle

This crazy GTO is a feat of design and engineering which combines the crazy variety of the LS platform with the power provided by a Turbocharger.

The 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO is one of the most iconic and memorable modern muscle cars to hit the American domestic market because of the crazy engine options, incredible GM design, and Australian innovation. These insane mechanical achievements have led the GTO to be a prevalent choice for modification in the American automotive community. There's nothing a car guy loves more than a ton of horsepower in an easy-to-use package, and that is exactly what these cars were. Forced induction is always a popular choice for GM vehicles. Still, these cars take to it exceptionally well because of the LS platform, which is used on every engine option available.

Check out a supercharged GTO here.

This particular build has been in the making for several years, with the owner, Trey Herrara, behind the wheel of both the vehicle and all of its modifications. Previously, his GTO has run a sturdy 630 horsepower from an LSA supercharger affixed to his original LS2 V8, but it is running a far more intense boost combination nowadays. Rather than utilizing the power of a supercharger, which frequently has issues with parasitic power loss, that massive V8 pushes out nearly 755 horsepower with the help of a single turbocharger. This switch from supercharged to turbocharged seems exceptionally effective as the car now makes over 100 horsepower more than the prior setup.

At the dyno, some boost issues resulted in a lower output of 755 horsepower, which is still an incredible improvement over the previous boost combination. This beautiful matte black GTO is an insane vehicle with a powerful turbo V8 under the hood which burns tires and sends the car down the drag strip with grace and brutality. Without a doubt, this car would be insanely intimidating on the track as it boasts a ridiculous amount of power and some insane body modifications. This is a crazy car with an even crazier owner under the hood, and we applaud him for it.

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