Third Gen Camaro Leaves On-lookers In Awe With Ridiculous Power

Aug 23, 2021 1 min read
Third Gen Camaro Leaves On-lookers In Awe With Ridiculous Power

This is a monster Chevy!

The third-generation Camaro, once regarded as one of America’s most iconic ‘80s sleepers, is now a cultural phenomenon. Many car enthusiasts flock in the thousands just to get their hands on one of these quick little cars for upgrading and modifying the ever-living hell out of them. While the engines were typically pretty terrible, the interior dated, and the power out-put minimal there is still something that makes these cars stand out in a crowd. Perhaps the Camaro’s weaknesses were its strengths as they can be picked up for pretty cheap and were produced in mass numbers allowing for greater parts availability. Whatever the reason, these seem to be awesome project cars. This car embodies that spirit perfectly as it went from zero to hero with some interesting modifications.

Having arrived in the builder’s shop as a pretty good condition third-generation Camaro Z28. The car is now everything but stock. While the body has mainly stayed original, under the hood is a different story. Supplying power to the rear wheels is a forged bottom-end 5.3-liter V8 which produces an incredible +1,000 horsepower. Aiding in the production of those wild ponies is a twin-turbo system and a gigantic intercooler.

According to the builder, the build team hasn't taken the car through its full power band so far the new owner has the only test driven it once. The suspension was built to handle properly as well to assist in road racing if the owner decides to take it to a road track. The idea for the interior was to keep it looking as original as possible. However, the seats have been changed to some race-inspired buckets and a full roll cage. This fits the race car vibe of this vehicle perfectly as the car was built for speed. It delivers on that.

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