Carjacker Takes Dodge Charger At Gunpoint In Memphis

Oct 4, 2022 2 min read
Carjacker Takes Dodge Charger At Gunpoint In Memphis

This has become a huge problem…

There’s a real problem with crime in Memphis, Tennessee which was put in the national spotlight recently with some horrific homicides. Another big problem there is carjackings, like a man who had his Dodge Charger stolen at gunpoint as he left a barber shop. This kind of crime can strike at any time anywhere, requiring everyone to be more vigilant.

The carjacking problem has been getting worse for a while, like you can see here.

According to a local news report, the man was leaving the barber shop on September 14 when another man walked up, pointed a gun at him, and demanded the keys to the Mopar. The victim complied and the carjacker took off in the stolen muscle car.

Then on September 23, police spotted the Dodge on I-40 but unfortunately lost it in traffic. However, they spotted it exiting the interstate and tracked it to an interstate where the passenger door was left open. Officers, K-9 units, and air patrol were used to hunt down James Mobley, 19, and Leantonio Jones, 24, who were hiding in a construction yard. Mobley still had the Charger’s keys on him. Now those men are facing a sleuth of charges.

We see a lot of news stories about carjackings, and when we say a lot we mean countless every day. And we’re fully aware precious few incidents are reported by local news stations. Indications across the nation are that carjackings are on the rise. It was only a matter of time, what with car thieves running around getting only slaps on the wrist for their crimes, things inevitably were going to escalate. The thing is with carjackings is by their nature innocent people are more likely to be hurt or killed.

While you need to take steps to secure your ride, you also need to take steps to secure yourself. Criminals love hitting you when you’re in transitional spaces since you’re less likely to notice their approach. Instead of fumbling with your keys, phone, bag, etc. as you get into and out of your car, keep your head on a swivel, lock the doors as soon as you get inside, and leave the parking spot as quickly as possible. We know if you have little kids that’s hard to do, but unfortunately criminals just don’t care.

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