Thieves Strip 1979 Chevy Malibu And Dump It

Oct 5, 2023 1 min read
Thieves Strip 1979 Chevy Malibu And Dump It

Car thieves are the worst…

Having your car stolen feels like a complete violation. And while that’s true if it’s just your Hyundai Accent commuter vehicle, having a classic car you’ve owned and lovingly restored swiped by criminals is just so much worse. A man in Pierce County, Washington knows what that feels like and more after his beloved 1979 Chevy Malibu was taken then later found stripped and dumped.

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According to Fox 13 Seattle, the guy heard the thieves taking his ’79 Malibu from his driveway and called 911. Predictably, authorities did nothing. After all, their resources have been slashed away and violent crimes have also surged, plus car thefts are just so rampant. It’s an unfortunate thing. Plus, nobody at 911 was answering, a sad reality in many areas these days for all the previously mentioned reasons.

Thanks to news coverage of the theft, the owner was able to get his Chevy back. But the thieves had stripped it down to the frame because they only care about themselves. They removed the entire red leather interior, wheels, hood, engine, transmission, and anything else they found of value on the car.

The owner told Fox 13 he estimates it would take about $30,000 to restore the car. We wonder if he’ll dare to sink the money into the ride or will just let it go.

Car theft is certainly a big threat to this hobby these days. If you have a nice ride, criminals are looking to make a quick buck off you. And with police resources strained, they’re having an easier time doing that.

We recommend putting any hobby car in a secure garage, even locking the track so the garage door opener isn’t the only thing keeping people out. Other devices to keep anyone from starting and taking your ride is a good idea, too.

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