Thief Steals 400 Gallons Of Gas In North Carolina

Mar 25, 2022 2 min read
Thief Steals 400 Gallons Of Gas In North Carolina

It’s probably a better investment than the US Dollar at the moment…

As we’ve already pointed out, with gas prices sky high and climbing, gas thievery has made a big comeback. Perhaps the most shocking or at least elaborate case we’ve seen so far comes out of North Carolina. According to a report, a man used a remote device to steal 400 gallons of gas in just 45 minutes.

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The owner of Bizzy Bee Grocery and BP in High Point, NC, a Hardik Patel, said the heist was pulled off after the gas station was closed for the night. The guy used a remote device to put the pumps into dispense mode, which means they allow operation without processing a payment card.

Surveillance video, which sadly is far from 4K quality, shows the man point the device to activate dispense mode. Then he walks around the pumps, helping people fill up their tanks, stealing the gas. After about 45 minutes of who knows how many cars pulling up and filling their tanks for free to the tune of 400 gallons of fuel, someone called police to report the activity at the closed business.

According to Patel, he lost about $1,600 in the scheme. Maybe people don’t feel sorry for gas stations when prices shoot up like this, but they hardly drive the international oil market. Policies which turn the United States from an oil exporting nation into an oil importing nation do have a huge effect on prices, so if you should be mad at anyone you should focus on all the heavy-handed regulations in this country. Remember, on day one in the White House, Biden shut down Keystone and the media cheered.

This is like an Ocean’s 11-type plot, you have to kind of admire all the thought and planning which went into this. But at the same time you have to wonder if this guy used that energy and intelligence for legitimate activities, just how much further would he go? And he wouldn’t have it all taken away once the police catch up to him. After all, there is no such thing as the perfect crime, just narcissistic criminals who think they’ve committed one.

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