Teens Lead Minnesota Police On 60-Mile Chase

May 10, 2023 2 min read
Teens Lead Minnesota Police On 60-Mile Chase

Persistence pays off?

Two teenagers in the Minneapolis metro area in Minnesota decided to steal a Cadillac and take law enforcement on a wild 60-mile-plus chase. Not surprisingly, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office says the teens are “well-known to law enforcement throughout the metro” as they’re budding career criminals. With their persistent ways, one day they might end up in prison with extra-long sentences.

Watch a guy wreck in his Corvette ZR1 here.

The sheriff’s office says at times the pursuit involved speeds of over 100 mph as multiple law enforcement agencies gave chase. Despite putting many people’s lives at risk as they doggedly ran from cops, the teens didn’t seem to care about that or the fact they consumed a good chunk of crime fighting resources during the pursuit.

Not only were Ramsey County deputies involved in this chase, so were police from Forrest Lake, State Patrol, and multiple other agencies as the pursuit wound its way through different jurisdictions. Police even used a helicopter to track the suspects’ movements.

Obviously, these kids weren’t getting away and yet they kept trying. Maybe they were told they’re special, they can do anything they put their mind to, and other such positive affirmations. But reality kept nipping at their heels, clearly signaling they should perhaps do something different.

Like many car thieves, these kids have apparently had quite a few encounters with law enforcement. Instead of getting scared straight, it sounds like they don’t fear consequences. If they did, the teens wouldn’t be out stealing a car and they certainly wouldn’t run from cops for that long, racking up the charges and thus perhaps some consequences.

And that leads us to the next question: what will happen to these kids? They’re 14 and 15 years-old, so they’re not going to be adults for a few more years. Are they going to just get a slap on the wrist and be set loose to steal more cars and do who knows what else? We don’t know, but we see a lot of car thieves, even adults, getting treated with kid gloves these days.

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