1968 Porsche 912 SWB Is The Perfect German Sports Car

Apr 20, 2022 2 min read
1968 Porsche 912 SWB Is The Perfect German Sports Car

This great Porsche is selling this weekend!

Germany has been known for its incredible automotive engineering and prowess on the track since the initial success of its first racers in the early 1900s. While others may have forgotten this legacy and left their racing days behind, one vehicle manufacturer has stayed true to its performance roots since the beginning. That company is Porsche, held in very high esteem by its fans because of its intense history in motorsport. This particular Porsche is a pristine example from Porsche, and it's packing a significant surprise in the performance department.

First, let's talk about the tremendous numbers-matching car that had fans raving in the '60s as it has been restored to its former glory. Smooth and sleek are two words that could describe this 1968 Porsche 912 SWB perfectly, as the original designers had a clear direction in mind. These little sports cars were quite the hefty competitor on-road racing and grand touring circuits, but they were designed to be the best road cars money could buy. It's hard to find a rear-engine vehicle more iconic than this car as everything about it says high performance driving fun.

Surprisingly, the engine of this potent sports car is not the main attraction, though it is quite an impressive motor. Instead, the 902 five-speed gearbox takes the cake and makes it highly desirable. This will make driving the vehicle an experience worth remembering and allow the car to keep its value for decades to come. It should be said that cars like these certainly won't be around forever, which means that if you want to feel this masterpiece's genuinely raw and passionate ride, you need to act quickly. That's why this car is such a great opportunity. Who knows how long you'll be able to find such a rare and well-kept example of Porsche's prized performance car?

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