Teen Mustang Driver Busted Doing 108 MPH

Jan 17, 2023 1 min read
Teen Mustang Driver Busted Doing 108 MPH

He was reportedly in a 40-mph zone at the time…

We don’t recommend speeding, although our understanding is in some areas law enforcement will give you a bit of a leeway. We doubt that includes letting you blast through a 40-mph zone at 108 mph, something a teen in Stafford County, Virginia allegedly did toward the end of last month. That’s the kind of stunt which will get the book thrown at you, but the kid didn’t just do that.

Speeding this much in a lot of places can result in this.

Instead of just pulling over when he saw the flashing lights, the unnamed minor reportedly decided it was best to try getting away. After all, facing the consequences of your actions isn’t cool. The officer didn’t keep pursuing the speeding Mustang, so Stafford County Sheriff’s Office sent some deputies out to look for it.

This is the thing about running from the cops: you might outrun them, but they’re also everywhere. Eventually, deputies tracked down the Ford Mustang and stopped the driver without incident. Perhaps he learned a valuable lesson that night.

According to a local report, the teenager was released to a parent, but not before he was hit with eluding, reckless driving by speed, passing on a curve, driving on an expired registration and driving with defective brakes. He took what was a poor decision, almost tripling the legal speed limit, and turned it into an even worse situation.

The teen driver will have his day in court, something which likely will be very uncomfortable. Among the many things he hopefully will learn is if an officer tries pulling him over in the future, he should just comply, then fight any charges he things aren’t justified, instead of trying to run from the cops.

Source: Up North Live

Image via Facebook

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