Kansas Man Drives Camaro In Reverse Through Town

Jan 13, 2022 2 min read
Kansas Man Drives Camaro In Reverse Through Town

Wait until you hear his excuse…

With a population of just shy of 47,000 Salina, Kansas doesn’t see a lot of crime common in metropolitan areas like Kansas City. However, the town experienced quite a bit of excitement when a man allegedly drove his Chevy Camaro in reverse through city streets on the night of January 8. That kind of event would still be a big deal even in a lot of larger cities, unless they’re in Russia where everyone drives however the hell they feel like, resulting in many entertaining dashcam videos.

See the classic Mini which sold for $140,000 here.

People called into dispatch to report the Camaro driving in reverse but apparently with the flow of traffic at about 7:30 pm. That would be a sight to behold and we wish someone got video or even just a photo of it, but people were probably too shocked.

Police spotted the Camaro pretty easily, almost like it was sticking out like a sore thumb. When an officer first tried pulling it over, the driver didn’t comply until he turned onto a different road, facing the wrong direction, of course.

After questioning Anthony Sustaita, 24, of Salina, they determined his behavior wasn’t due to drug use. Instead, the guy explained the Camaro was having mechanical problems and only the reverse gear was working. So, he figured he would go where he needed by driving the car backwards. Why it didn’t occur to him this was a bad plan isn’t clear, but he’s probably realizing that now.

Susaita is facing a misdemeanor flee and elude charge, plus reckless driivng and driving while suspended or revoked. In other words, he made another poor choice by driving at all.

We’ve all been there with some crappy car that has all kinds of problems and you don’t have the funds to fix it right then. If you can’t drive the thing normally, just keep it off the road until you can. That might not be convenient, but you’re risking some expensive fines and getting your car impounded, only adding to your financial troubles.

Source: Salina Post

Images via YouTube and Saline County Sheriff’s Office

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