Street Takeover Mustang Crashes Into Dodge Challenger

Mar 20, 2023 2 min read
Street Takeover Mustang Crashes Into Dodge Challenger

Play stupid games…

We’re just going to say it up front: participating in a street takeover in any capacity is just plain stupid. If that offends you, it’s time to change your ways and find more legitimate outlets for yourself. After all, street takeovers aren’t something real car enthusiasts take part in. That’s plainly evident in a video someone uploaded of a Mustang GT smacking into a Dodge Challenger while drifting around in a shutdown intersection.

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Don’t worry, the Challenger in question is just a V6, so it’s not like a real muscle car was hurt by the Mustang GT driver’s lack of skill, except his own ride. The video in question is taken in the incorrect and absolutely annoying portrait mode by someone’s phone at not a great resolution, so our apologies for the details not being entirely clear.

However, we can see at the very beginning of the sketchy video some people are standing around in the road, watching a Dodge Charger ripping some donuts. Then the Ford Mustang GT comes into the very limited frame and starts to get sideways as it approaches the Challenger, which you can’t see before because the cameraman doesn’t get that landscape is the only way to take video on a phone.

With tires squealing, the Mustang GT’s back end whips around until it comes fender-to-fender with the front end of the Dodge Challenger, an action marked by a loud smack. Even though the Mopar only has the wimpy V6 under the hood, that driver was likely pretty pissed his Mopar was abused by the Ford.

That’s when the Mustang GT driver drops the hammer and takes off, the far less powerful Challenger chasing after him. While some think there was no way the Dodge driver caught the other guy, we know for a fact it’s not just the car that counts in these situations but driving skills as well. We already know the Ford driver isn’t exactly some professional wheelman, however we doubt the abilities of anyone hanging out at a street takeover, so likely the Mopar driver isn’t that great either.

Check out the video for yourself.

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