Street Racing Ford Mustang Busted On A Trailer

Oct 12, 2021 3 min read
Street Racing Ford Mustang Busted On A Trailer

It could’ve been the perfect crime…

According to police, on October 10 a Ford Mustang was recently street racing in the San Diego, California area near the Mexican that’s popular for such activity when it wrecked out. A witness estimated the little pony was traveling in excess of 120 mph, because apparently this person has radar sensors in their eyes and can judge speed by just looking at a car. That’s not the important part, because how the alleged street racer was busted is a little… bizarre.

Watch a street racing Mustang get brutally torn in half here.

According to witnesses, a Ford Mustang hit a fire hydrant, sending water shooting 60 feet into the air, spraying a number of nearby objects, including an electrical junction box. When police and firefighters arrived, it was determined two water lines were burst by the accident, but the Mustang was nowhere to be found.

One witness came forward and told police he saw the Mustang traveling at 120 mph before the crash. He then pointed in the direction where the crippled pony limped off to and police followed. They found a group of people around a pickup truck and trailer with the Mustang partially loaded up, the keys still in the ignition. All of the people scattered, but the car, truck, and trailer were impounded.

Of course, the truck pulling the trailer and Mustang is a Ford Super Duty, because brand loyalty and all. Registration for the pickup was out of Sacramento, but police said nothing about the Mustang’s registration.

Fortunately, OnScene.TV was able to record the scene when the Mustang, truck, and trailer were taken by police. The little pony was mangled pretty badly, but you can see in the video we’ve embedded there are some fat slicks on the rear and thanks to crumpled front end you can see the huge turbo mounted there. At least one bottle of nitrous oxide was also visible in the wreckage. This looks like a serious build which probably set the owner back considerably. If he had that much cash, why not go to the track? We suspect it has something to do with the thrill of illegal racing, and now he’s paying the price of chasing the dragon.

You’ll not the trailer is a rental from U-Haul. Imagine having to explain to them why the trailer you rented has been impounded by the police. The fees U-Haul must be charging could outstrip whatever the government hits them with! Ultimately, this should be a lesson that street racing is far more expensive than going to tracks, but you often pay that expense all at once.

Images: OnScene.TV via YouTube

Source: Times of San Diego

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