Street Racing Camaro Wrecks Into Trees

Jul 1, 2023 2 min read
Street Racing Camaro Wrecks Into Trees

Please don’t do this…

Camaro vs Mustang, it’s one of the oldest rivalries in modern production cars with fans on both sides constantly arguing which is best. Some decide to settle it once and for all at the local dragstrip, however others like the guys in the included video opt to put on an illegal street race. Instead of a clear victor, this race resulted in an absolute loser: the Camaro driver.

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In the video, you see the dark green Chevy Camaro lined up with a red Ford Mustang on a two-lane country road. A group of people are standing where the muscle cars are staged, meanwhile others stand on one side of the road to watch and record the street race. Obviously, it’s an exciting event for all involved, only they’re going to get way more excitement than they bargained for.

After punching it off the line, both cars rocket forward with plenty of V8 bravado. However, the Camaro driver kicks up plenty of tire smoke and his back end starts breaking loose. The driver wrestling the muscle car for control, the Camaro oversteers to the left and then to the right. It must be that the Mustang driver notices this, because he noticeably backs off the throttle, wisely choosing to not be next to his out-of-control competitor.

That’s when the Camaro veers all the way to the right, running off the road and right into a stand of trees, ripping off the front bumper and one of the wheels as the muscle car spins a full 180 degrees. Had the guy gone off the other side of the road, he would’ve been the one taking out the crowd instead of the Mustang, for a change.

We’re not sure exactly where this race was held, but it’s obviously somewhere in the US. Uploaded by a Facebook user on January 1, if the video isn’t old then it was shot somewhere that wasn’t chillingly cold over the holiday weekend. The person who uploaded it said, “everyone walked away.” The Camaro, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well.

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