Street Racing C7 Corvette Vomits Its Engine And More

Dec 14, 2022 2 min read
Street Racing C7 Corvette Vomits Its Engine And More

The wreckage was spread over a quarter mile!

Car crashes can sometimes be so violent that components go flying through the air, literally. That’s what happened when this C7 Corvette wrecked out on a freeway in San Bernadino, California back on December 3. We’ve seen engines hurled from cars before, some even landing in houses, but it’s still a wild thing to witness every time.

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These kinds of crashes where the car guts itself usually involve plenty of speed and some reckless behavior. While this one saw the engine go flying, the front and rear axles also decided to go their separate ways from the body. Some of the body panels and the entire front end also departed from the core of the Chevy Corvette, meaning the C7 is probably just good for only a few parts at this point.

According to OnScene TV, which uploaded video of the aftermath to YouTube (video included for your viewing pleasure) police and firefighters were called to a car crash which included a fire. Not only was the C7 Corvette obviously damaged, there was damage to several other vehicles. We can only imagine with car parts flying all over the place how that could’ve happened.

Witnesses claimed the Corvette appeared to be racing a second, white ‘Vette before the collision. They said the other sports car fled the scene. Crews had quite the mess to clean up with parts of the C7 spread over a quarter mile of the freeway. This is a great example of why you take it to the track instead of a busy highway.

In the video from OnScene TV, police talk to a man who appears to be the C7’s driver as firefighters put a neck brace on him, then load the guy onto a stretcher. He seems to not be critically injured, but the fact they’re stabilizing his neck and taking him to the hospital means he’s possibly seriously injured. Adrenaline can make it so you don’t feel injuries from a crash for some time. Too bad the car didn’t fare nearly as well.

Images via YouTube

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