LS Delorean Is A Deadly Time Machine

Jan 12, 2022 2 min read
LS Delorean Is A Deadly Time Machine

While the stock cars may have had a measly 0-60 mph of over 10.5 seconds, this is far from original.

As a kid, few things were nearly as iconic as the incredible modified DMC Delorean that was featured as the centerpiece on the set of the 1985 classic "Back To The Future" as a time-traveling masterpiece of scientific innovation. This car spawned from the mind of mad man Doc. Brown and his teenage companion Marty Macfly. Unfortunately, as beautifully sleek and speedy looking the vehicle may be, the powertrain consisted of a small six-cylinder engine with about 130 horsepower and a top speed of 110 mph, making the feat of reaching 88 mph a tough one for this anemic supercar wannabe. That is until one man got his hands on a Delorean of his own and went about swapping out the drivetrain for a more acceptable piece of machinery.

Powering this stylish beast is a far more potent LS4 V8 engine that utilizes 325 ci of pure American displacement to produce well over the 300 horsepower offered by the stock 5.3-liter. All of that power is sent through the original Renault manual transmission, which is excellent for high horsepower but cannot take any more than a few hundred ft/lbs of torque. Essentially that UN1 transmission made accelerating a massive problem as any more than three-quarters throttle will likely result in an explosion of shrapnel and loose gears. The car is still a work in progress, shown by the fact that nearly everything else is stock on the vehicle.

That's right, the original brakes whose original purpose was to help control a car whose maximum 0-60 time was somewhere around 10.5 seconds. Add 37 years into the melting pot of why the brakes certainly cannot handle this power, and you have yourself quite the exciting driving experience. The suspension is also stock, which makes the front end of the car lift upon acceleration. The majority of the weight is concentrated in the rear with the engine, transmission, and differential. Although it has its share of issues, this beautiful car is still a great car with a ton of life ahead as it morphs into something genuinely unbelievable, and we hope to see it again soon.

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