Stolen Dodge Charger Smashes Into Funeral Home

Oct 20, 2021 2 min read
Stolen Dodge Charger Smashes Into Funeral Home

Maybe it wanted to be a Demon?

According to a report from the New York Post, an alleged carjacker crashed a stolen Dodge Charger into a funeral home in the Bronx during a wake service. The incident, which happened on the evening of October 14, began with three suspects taking the Mopar muscle car from the owner at gunpoint earlier. After crashing, the men jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot.

Learn how a Dodge Charger was stolen a mere 8 hours after it was purchased here.

Thankfully, the owner of House of Hills Funeral Home confirmed nobody inside or outside of the building was hurt. That’s a miracle, considering people were milling around outside the funeral home, including many children.

“Family members and friends, they were outside,” Charles Wilkins told the New York Post in an interview. “So just by the grace of God … that could have been really bad. It could have been a tragedy.”

According to the report, NYPD was still searching for the suspects at 10 pm when the Charger was finally towed away. We’re guessing they didn’t catch the suspects, but even if they had we’re not sure what kinds of consequences they would’ve faced.

A user on the Citizen App uploaded phone footage of the aftermath of the crash. Plenty of first responders seem to be on scene along with onlookers. We’ve embedded that video for you to view.

The rise in vehicle thefts has become quite the problem in the past two years or so. Initially, many news outlets blamed the problem solely on the covid lockdowns and economic unrest. However, even as those factors have waned or even gone away, car thefts have kept going strong. The theory also ignores the fact that the crime wave started well before anyone heard of COVID-19. One of the favorite targets of thieves are the Dodge Charger and Challenger, prompting Stellantis to roll out enhanced security features to be installed in certain models but not all. The hope is that will help stop this trend, but whether or not it’s effective remains to be seen.

Photo credit: Citizen App

Source: New York Post

Vehicle Crashed Into Gate @CitizenApp

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