Stolen Classic Ford Truck Recovered

Jan 7, 2022 2 min read
Stolen Classic Ford Truck Recovered

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We always hate hearing about stolen classic and collectable cars. That might sound like a surprise to some since we cover them so much, but we do so to spread the word. The hope is that we will help readers be more aware of the need to secure their rides. There’s also the chance someone will recognize a stolen vehicle and it will be recovered. For that reason we’re happy to give coverage to this story out of Tulsa County, Oklahoma where a classic Ford pickup was stolen and then returned.

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According to the local news, the 1941 Ford had been fully restored before it was stolen. From the photo it looks to be in good condition, so we have no reason to doubt that claim. Thieves took it the Wednesday before Christmas, which is a real Grinch move. While it’s awful to steal someone else’s ride at any time of the year, doing it right before Christmas is just being an extra big jerk.

The owner of the truck stopped in Tulsa for the night with her son. They were in the process of moving from California to Illinois, which is always a stressful thing to do. That explains why in the photo provided to the news, the Ford pickup is on a U-Haul trailer. As the mother and son slept, thieves broke into the SUV with all their belongings inside, take it, the trailer, and the classic pickup.

The late husband had restored the classic truck, but then passed away. In other words, it was something to remember him by. Of course, the thieves didn’t care about that, they just saw a way to get a quick score. Not only were all the mother and son’s belongings inside, so were the husband’s ashes. Again, this is why we think people who steal vehicles are so scummy.

Source: KOTV

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