Stolen Car Pulled From New Jersey Lake

Apr 5, 2021 1 min read
Stolen Car Pulled From New Jersey Lake

Lakes provide the perfect cover to dump stolen vehicles, apparently.

Car theft is becoming more and more common, unfortunately, it would appear that the idea of your car being taken from you by an entitled GTA wannabe is slowly becoming a reality. What's more is that it seems that the second that these thieves get in someone else's car, they forget how to drive. In this particular case, the vehicle in question was found in an extremely ridiculous position. While the car was found in a watery grave, it seems that the thief was nowhere to be seen. However, the police department states that charges are pending.

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The car’s owner has been found in Ohio but it is unclear as to how the car got a full 25 yards offshore. Fortunately, the car was recovered from the lake by the Lawrence county police and fire department. The lake in question is Bessemer Lake in Pennsylvania. It was eventually discovered that the vehicle was stolen in Union Township, New Jersey. The car itself appears to be a 2020 Nissan Versa, it also sports an initial MSRP of around $15,000. While the silver compact car may not be as exciting as some other stolen icons, looking at you Dodge, it is still a vital piece of someone’s life that was taken away by someone stupid enough to crash it in a lake both endangering themselves, others, and the surrounding wildlife.

Unfortunately, the owner will most likely not be able to salvage the vehicle due to significant water damage. It is unknown how the car's various metals and electrical equipment has affected the surrounding water and environment, however, probably, the vehicle hasn't been there long enough to leave permanent damage. Unfortunately, while the car was found in the lake, the thief was not found with it and the search will continue as the investigation goes on.

Source: WKBN27

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