Owner Still Missing Stolen 1965 MG Midget

Aug 10, 2023 1 min read
Owner Still Missing Stolen 1965 MG Midget

Have you seen this car?

We unfortunately see reports of stolen cars every day, including of classic cars. But this story of a man in the UK who is still looking for his 1965 MG Midget a year after it was stolen just struck us as particularly sad. Maybe it’s just that most people after a few weeks or months just give up, realizing they’ll likely never see their beloved ride again.

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As reported originally by The Yorkshire Post, the classic British convertible went missing in July 2022 but wasn’t reported stolen until July 2023. Why there was a year gap between the theft and the report of the theft isn’t mentioned. Maybe the guy was holding out hope that he could track down the car himself or that that thief would be stricken with grief, returning it in the night. We honestly don’t know.

What we do know is the Midget was red at the time it was taken, although that could have been changed by now. It has a UK plate DUC 434C, although that could’ve been taken off and ditched long ago.

The report seems to indicate the MG was swiped as it was being repaired. Did someone leave the keys in it? Was it at a shop? The report doesn’t include such details, but those would be interesting to know. We’re aware of some repair shops leaving keys in ignitions, but they also usually have insurance. Maybe the owner didn’t want to file a claim just in case he found the car since it might then technically be property of the insurance company? That could explain the delay in filing the stolen vehicle report.

We’re asking readers in the UK and elsewhere to keep an eye out for this car. It could be anywhere by now.

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