Grandma Stashed A Lamborghini Countach

Aug 9, 2023 2 min read
Grandma Stashed A Lamborghini Countach

How would you love to inherit this beauty?

Some people feel comforted by having all kinds of stuff around them, whether it’s old newspapers, bottles, records, or porcelain dolls. While you might expect to find that kind of stuff stashed in your grandmother’s house after she passes away, you probably wouldn’t expect to find an Italian supercar hidden away in the garage. Yet that’s exactly what happened to a woman a few years ago as she discovered granny had a need for speed.

The woman in question told her story on Reddit and it’s a real whopper. While going through her grandmother’s worldly possessions after she died, the granddaughter discovered a Lamborghini Countach 500S stashed in the garage. Even a non-car person would immediately recognize the supercar which graced many bedroom walls and Trapper Keepers throughout the 80s and even today.

This woman had no idea her grandmother owned something so wild. While she had visited the house many times and been in the garage, the Lamborghini was covered with tarps and had boxes stacked on top, so it was entirely hidden from view. Astounded at the discovery, this woman posted a photo of the Countach on Reddit, not realizing what she captured in the background.

Thankfully, some other users immediately alerted her to the fact the second car parked in the garage was worth something. You can see in the pictures the red Ferrari 308 which admittedly isn’t as impressive as the angularly wild Lambo. In addition, a pre-War MG was parked on the other side of the Lamborghini, another impressive collectible car.

Still, this woman was flabbergasted that her grandma had been hiding such treasures. Well, after doing some asking she learned that her grandfather used to run an exotic car rental service in the late 1980s. Thanks to insurance rates skyrocketing, the business was no longer viable, but the man couldn’t bear to part with the cars. Some were later sold, but these three remained, only to make for one shocking discovery for the granddaughter one day.

What would you do if you inherited these classics?

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