Teenager Steals Corvette During Test Drive

Jul 19, 2022 2 min read
Teenager Steals Corvette During Test Drive

That’s pretty bold…

For some time now, car thieves have been targeting dealerships, although usually they break in at night and swipe whatever they want when nobody is around. Some have pulled off daytime heists. Then there’s this teenager in Georgia who is accused of taking a C7 Corvette during a test drive.

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While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a test drive theft, this apparently also isn’t the first time 19-year-old Nickolas Render has stolen a car while test driving it. One would think if he were going to pull off such a crime he’d at least use a fake driver’s license, which smart dealerships make a copy of before handing over the keys. Instead, this genius used his real ID and he also didn’t get away.

A salesman went along for the ride, sitting in the passenger seat. Instead of turning to violence to get the guy out of the sports car, Render used subterfuge. The teenager stated he wanted to see what it was like riding in the passenger seat of the ‘Vette, so they pulled over and the salesman got out. That’s when the teen sped off, leaving the dealership employee stranded.

Of course, the dealer contacted police immediately, supplying not only a description of the yellow C7 Corvette but also providing the teen’s driver’s license info. Not too long after, they caught up with the sports car, pulled it over, and eventually the suspect complied with orders to get out and surrender.

Funny enough, Render is a suspect in the test drive theft of another Corvette in Georgia. Apparently, the guy felt like since he was successful one time he could pull off the same stunt again. Thankfully, the dealership got his license and authorities were able to catch up with him quickly so hopefully he can’t pull off this stunt a third time.

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