Spot All The Differences On A C4 ZR-1

May 12, 2020 1 min read
Spot All The Differences On A C4 ZR-1

Spoiler alert: it's more than just the LT5 V8!

If you liked the Chevrolet Corvette pace car history lesson given by the National Corvette Museum this week, Mirrock Corvette released a video giving an in-depth look at what made the C4 ZR-1 such a legend. Yes, the LT5 is the biggest difference, but this video focuses on all of the details that helped this Corvette become king of the hill by breaking the car up into five sections.

This increased power is sent to wider rear tires, and to accommodate the 11-inch wide rear wheels, the ZR-1's width increases from the front doors rearward; at the rear bumper, the ZR-1 is about four inches wider than a stock C4 Corvette. Aside from the ZR-1 badges, the easiest visual cues to spot a ZR-1 are the rear lights. Earlier models introduced the rounded rear end with taillights that were more squared off, but even when the standard Corvette upgraded to this style, the ZR-1's third brake light remained on the roof rather than incorporated into the body.

Of course, these are just the obvious differences that make the ZR-1 special. Mirrock Corvette goes into fine details that separate the ZR-1 from the standard C4 Corvette including information about the ZR-1's exclusive vacuum pump, smog pump, wiring harnesses and even bumper brackets. If you are in the market for a C4 Corvette ZR-1 (or you just want to immerse yourself in the minute details of this legendary 'Vette), then be sure to check this video out.

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