Shelby Wipes The Floor With McLaren

Nov 16, 2022 1 min read
Shelby Wipes The Floor With McLaren

That race was intense…

If you haven’t noticed, Mustangs have been getting pretty fast recently. Their performance in the past could be described as subjective but nowadays almost everyone agrees that these are some of the best bang for buck performance cars out there today. One model which is particularly good at showing that off is the Shelby GT500 , a car wash suitable for dedicated tractors racing pants. Don’t believe it? Just look at how this race went between the Shelby and one of the world's fastest super cars.

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Your competitor in question is a McLaren 720S, another legendary enthusiast car. It would appear to be a big challenge for the Shelby but the car does have one thing hiding out the sleeve. That is the fact that its engine is putting out over 1000 hp, More than enough to match the McLarens power to weight ratio. When we discuss straight line speed many often focus too much on the Numbers side of things and somehow seem to forget the heritage of the different cars competing.

Essentially the McLaren was never really meant to be a drag racer as the company spent its years racing on road tracks. However drag racing is an iconic American sport, basically anybody will have trouble arguing with that. That’s exactly why, while the McLaren did have the upper hand once or twice, the Mustang pulled away from the overpriced canyon carver like it was standing still. All jokes aside, these are too incredible enthusiast-based performance cars that pretty much anybody would be happy to have in their garage, it just so happens the Mustang is faster.

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