Seized Supra Sell For $265K

Jun 13, 2022 2 min read
Seized Supra Sell For $265K

That’s some serious cash.

Corey Taylor is a name primarily known in the music world by Slipknot and metal fans, but if you live in the Holyoke, Massachusetts, area, you might remember a different man known for something different. This man, also named Corey Taylor, was caught a little while ago during a traffic stop with 138 lbs of marijuana. Needless to say, that's a lot of dope which is a severe offense, eventually leading to accusations of drug trafficking. Taylor is remembered as an alleged drug kingpin with a passion for collecting enthusiast cars. One particular vehicle in the collection will likely have some of you swooning while others will be shocked by the ridiculous price of the vintage sports car.

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The vehicle in question is a 1998 Toyota Supra which has been held in high regard by the car community for decades. Whether these cars deserve the hype is a matter of opinion, but the simple fact is that they carry some hefty price tags with their name. This particular car sold for a massive sum total of $265,000, likely due to its excellent condition and Quicksilver paint. It seems like a ludicrous amount of money for what is essentially an old Toyota but what's even more shocking is that it was one of 13 Supras auctioned off by Police. Each of these cars was sold for well over $100,000, eventually leading to a healthy pile of cash for the cops.

Altogether, the 13 Supras afforded the policeDepartment just over $1.8 million, which ought to cover some fancy new patrol cars and gear. Including these Supras, a total of 37 collector cars were seized, which means that the Police of Holyoke won't have many funding problems in the near future. As for the drug kingpin himself, his body was in an abandoned building a few weeks after posting his own bail. The address where the body was found has yet to be confirmed by officials, but the man's death likely had something to do with his illegal business dealings and recent arrest. If there was one thing to learn from this case, it would probably be that drug dealing is bad, and Supras are way overpriced, but that seems a little obvious.

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