Ronald Reagan Stole This Mercedes-Benz SLK

Feb 23, 2022 2 min read
Ronald Reagan Stole This Mercedes-Benz SLK

You read that right…

Always be vigilant when selling a car online. That was the lesson a man from Greenwood, Indiana learned the hard way when none other than Ronald Reagan stole his Mercedes-Benz SLK 280. We know what you’re thinking, Reagan has been dead a while. Well, that certainly should’ve been a red flag to the seller, and thus our story begins.

Elijah Thomas originally bought the car from his brother in the summer of 2021. He was carefree, single, and probably really loved the little German sports car. But alas, the man got serious, married, and settled down. That meant the Mercedes SLK was no longer practical enough for his needs, so he decided to sell.

Placing the car on Facebook Marketplace, he probably hoped to get back most if not all of what he put into it. In this market where used cars are selling for ridiculous prices, he probably could’ve. However, he was contacted by a man who said his name was Ronald Reagan and he was very interested in the sports car.

That, right there, should make you extremely suspicious. For whatever reason Thomas invited the man to his house on February 13. Ronald Reagan showed up with his girlfriend in a white Pontiac G6 sedan. Thomas handed the keys over to the Reagan for a test drive and the buyer really liked the car with all of its Teutonic tight handling and rapid throttle response.

The two men agreed on a sales price of $7,000 and everything seemed great. That’s when old Ronald had to talk to his girlfriend about the whole thing. When the guy came back, he jumped in the SLK and took off before Thomas could stop him. It wasn’t a sophisticated robbery, but it was effective.

This guy did several things wrong. Maybe don’t let someone hold onto the keys for your car until they provide cash or you verify a cashier’s check. Also, if they’re using an alias like Justin Trudeau, definitely don’t trust them.

Greenwood Police are looking for the red Mercedes-Benz SLK and the man who took it. If you have information about either, contact them at 317-882-9191.

Source: WRTV

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