Porsche And Bronco Stolen From Seattle-Area Shop

Feb 23, 2022 2 min read
Porsche And Bronco Stolen From Seattle-Area Shop

This just keeps happening…

After midnight on February 15, some thieves used a Chevrolet Cruze to knock through the roll-up door on an auto body shop in Bellevue, Washington. Another car pulled up in an orange Dodge Challenger and everyone piled inside. Soon, the thieves made off with a Porsche Cayman and a 2021 Ford Bronco.

Everyone took off in the four cars, but whoever was driving the Cayman obviously wasn’t very good at it, because they crashed by an on-ramp for I-405. State troopers saw a man in his 30s walking away from the scene as he tore up his man card, then they took him into custody.

Bellevue police also ran the plates for the Chevy Cruze and learned it was impounded by police in Fife. You won’t believe it, but the car was used to ram into a dealership’s doors in that city. Yep, that’s right, when criminals get away with breaking the law, they tend to just keep doing it. This is why catching them early is important or soon you have an explosion in crime.

Speaking of an explosion in crime, there’s been a rash of break-ins at car dealerships and auto shops in the western part of Washington lately. Surely police are trying to determine if they were all done by this same crew or if there are multiple groups using the same genius method.

This seems to be a real problem in Washington, especially in the Seattle area. There’s something driving this behavior, probably having to do with ridiculing police and stripping away their funding or something like that. However, the local news and politicians either pretend it’s a damn mystery why there’s so much crime or they’re blaming it on the pandemic. Yep, the virus made them steal those cars, definitely.

Source: Fox 13 Seattle

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