Rick Ross Hosting Massive Georgia Car Show This Weekend

May 19, 2022 2 min read
Rick Ross Hosting Massive Georgia Car Show This Weekend

It will feature his personal car collection…

We've got the perfect scoop for any of you car guys looking for something fun to do this weekend. The ultra-famous Rick Ross has decided to take his entire 100+ car collection on a road trip to Georgia, where he'll be making a memorable show. Along with some awesome tunes and an undoubtedly extensive party, this will be an actual car show for some of the craziest cars in the world. Many V8 muscle cars, luxurious cruisers, and high-powered race cars will likely be featured, making for an incredible lineup of hard hitters. Of course, many wonder if this show will be all it's cracked up to be, but recent development has people talking.

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Two weeks ago, a massive car carrier was spotted carrying some rare and flamboyant classic cars that turned heads all over the road. Some of these vehicles included a Tri-Five wagon, an early '60s Impala, and a late 60s/early '70s, Buick, though it is difficult to tell from the pictures. While we may not know the exact models, we know that these vehicles won't be alone as part of the gigantic collection has already arrived at The Promise Land, the Rapper's multi-million dollar home, in Fayetteville, Georgia. That means that you can expect to see many crazy cars at the event. All of this seems almost too good to be accurate, but even crazier is that Rick Ross won't be the only celebrity there.

According to the rapper, fans should "make sure you get those VIP passes if you wanna come to sip and mingle with the "biggest" and all of my big car enthusiasts!!!" This indicates that the event will also be filled with friends of his with similar collections and that access to them will be provided via VIP tickets. This will be a dream come true for some, as many fans of the Rapper and his posse will have the chance to join in one of the most significant car events of the year. This will undoubtedly be an incredible show with music, food, and a ridiculous number of classic cars to satisfy even the most unique car enthusiasts.

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