Rick Ross Just Now Got His Driver’s License

Jul 8, 2022 2 min read
Rick Ross Just Now Got His Driver’s License

After 45 years unlicensed, this famous hip-hop star finally got his driver's license, and he says it was worth it.

While most of us car enthusiasts remember the day we got our first driver's license fondly as the day we gained personal independence and freedom. Some either opt-out of driving or continue driving without registration or licensing. While this is very illegal, it isn't that difficult so long as you don't get pulled over, but we certainly arent saying that is what he did. Because of his fast-paced lifestyle and career, getting his license likely never crossed famous hip hop star Rick Ross's mind until last year. At 45 years old, Famed Hip Hop Icon Rick Ross was finally pressured into getting his own legal driver's license. So how does the musician feel about this new development in his automotive life, and why did he finally choose to undergo the notorious DMV process?

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It's no secret that Mr. Ross loves cars just as much as any of us self-proclaimed car enthusiasts with a particular affinity for classics. Along with his vast collection of proud classic Impalas, Bel Airs, and other vintage vehicles, he also sports quite a few super and hypercars. So naturally, these cars attract a lot of attention from everyone, including the police. With a collection of over 100 classic and brand new sports cars at his fingertips, most of us wouldn't be able to control ourselves enough not to drive every once in a while. Likely, his mother and sister knew this, which is why they pressured him into getting his license, so he didn't have to worry about breaking any laws while trying to enjoy the experience of driving his beloved car.

After being driven to the DMV, he took the test, where he passed, with most of the questions being answered correctly. It's pretty funny to imagine the vibrant and boastful personality of Rick Ross trying to tackle the challenge of parallel parking in a multimillion-dollar classic or hypercar. Finally, this dedicated car enthusiast is allowed to drive his amazing machines on the street with fans readily awaiting their own encounter with the legend on the road. Considering the musician's excitement about his incredible car show hosted at his Georgia home this May, he might even be spotted legally pulling up to his house once again if the show returns next year for another display of the incredible collection. The star says it was worth the time it took to get his license, indicating that it really means a lot to him, and we applaud him for this extraordinary moment in his life.

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